Saturday, 7 May 2016

Flying Bird - Pre-order

Yes folks, the time has arrived for your pre-orders.  Now don't all send your orders at once, as I only have so much time.  From us HERE.

Here's what head honcho Nick at Golden Lab has to say:

"Fifth LP of slow-burning, disparate psychedelic pop music from Cambridge, UK's Doozer, following on from his truly wondrous and tragically ignored (due to lack of distribution), self-released Future Songs LP. Written while living in Fes and recorded upon his return to the UK, the songs have the distinct feel of a man, planted in a foreign land, searching for meaning. Simply titled songs such as "Village", "Memory", "Farewell To The West" and the brilliant title track, "Flying Bird" are not only meditative in their lyrical content, but also right down to The Doozer's inimitable deadpan playing and singing style. You can hear the flop of his arm as he strums downward on the acoustic guitar in repetition and his voice expresses a quasi-religious detachment that encourages quite the horizontal listening experience. Like all Doozer LPs, this starts out as a kinda jaunty aural experience but only gets richer with every listen - epiphany is inevitable - just keep that turntable spinning and get ready for lift-off."

Flying Bird video:

Basic adverts:

Look out for a 'Flying Bird' (the song that is) video very soon.

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